Ronny Davies

Tuesday Mid Morning / Lucky Bag / Sport

Ronny Davies, winner of an unprecedented two Creative Loop Student Radio Awards in 2014, is a serious fan of news, sport and music and of course radio.

Having overcome personal injury breaking his back in 1990 while working on a gas drilling rig, Ronny’s passions in life are his three kids, friends, music, sports, current affairs and of course the amazing listeners of Pulse 98.4

Ronny is Sports Editor at Pulse 98.4 bringing you sports reports with the Pulse 98.4 Sports News Team. Pulse 98.4 is often the only community radio station at sports events.

Thanks to the many clubs and associations, Pulse 98.4 is invited to report from Senior and Junior football matches.

It’s not just football on Pulse 98.4 Sports Report, but also ice hockey, rugby, tennis and athletics. Follow the Pulse 98.4 Sports News Team on twitter @Pulse984Sport.

A regular backstage at Party at the Palace in Linlithgow, West Lothian and other music festivals across Scotland, Ronny gets the exclusive scoop from artists and bands, old and new.



How would you describe your show?

A collection of music to get you through your day. An often random selection of Music

Favourite band / artist?


Favourite song?

Favourite meal?

Steak and Chips

Favourite colour?


Where is your favourite place you’ve ever visited?


Where is your dream holiday destination?

Route 66, USA

What three celebrities or historical figures would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Martin Luther King Jr

Stephen Fry

Bill Hicks

What item would you take if you were cast away to a desert island?

A Radio

Sum yourself up in three words

Five Foot Nine

What’s been your favourite moment at Pulse 98.4?

So many to choose from.  Meeting Heaven 17 & The Farm same day at Party At The Palace

What’s your funniest on-air story?

Again so many to choose from. My favourite is calling Noel Gallagher’s Holy Mountain Holy Moly on air.

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