Jim Reid – Scooter Scene

Friday, 9pm

Take a trip back in time with Jim Reid every Friday night on Pulse 98.4.



How would you describe your show?

An amalgam of the best mod, new wave, northern soul, indy and sixties music.

The tunes that you expect to experience at immense scooterist rallies and dances.

Favourite band / artist?

The Beatles

Favourite song?

Depends on my mood, (right now If I Needed Someone)

Favourite meal?

Chicken Madras

Favourite colour?

Royal Blue

Where is your favourite place you’ve ever visited?


Where is your dream holiday destination?


What three celebrities or historical figures would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

George Harrison, George Carlin, Paul Weller

What item would you take if you were cast away to a desert island?

Solar Powered Radio

Sum yourself up in three words

Honest, Ethical, Conscientious 

What’s been your favourite moment at Pulse 98.4?

My first ever guests Annette and Ewan Eadie coming in for a chat.

What’s your funniest on-air story?

Listening to my show on catch up.

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