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Over the past few weeks, we have had many of our volunteers take the heart-wrenching decision to stay away from the station to protect themselves due to underlying health conditions.

We’ve missed their energy, enthusiasm and personalities around our studios just as much as we are sure you’ve missed them from the airwaves.

Now, as the coronavirus crisis continues to grow, we have decided to close our studios to all volunteers for the time being.

But that doesn’t mean the broadcasting stops. In fact, it becomes all the more powerful.

Radio has a unique ability to inform, entertain and, above all, keep you company in fast-changing, unpredictable and often frightening times.

We at Pulse 98.4 will endeavour to continue to broadcast and help support our local community in whatever way we can, as our local community has supported us from the day we started out.

Things will be different, and we hope you won’t mind the slightly tweaked schedule of shows.

We encourage you to follow advice, guidelines and restrictions put in place as this crisis continues, in the hope that someday in the not too distant future we can once again come together and celebrate something that we are already missing… normality.

We urge you to keep safe, check on vulnerable people and be a part of the community. We will try our best to keep you up to date with community projects that aim to make getting through this as easy as possible for all.

When it’s safe to do so, we will welcome back every broadcaster and return them to their rightful place in our schedule. In the meantime we will endeavour to replace shows and, through pre-recorded shows and home studios, keep the seats warm of your friends and ours too.

The importance of your local community radio station will be underlined in coming months.

Stay tuned to Pulse 98.4. We thank you for your understanding, and wish you all good health.

VOLUNTEER ACTION EAST RENFREWSHIRE: To find out more about helping in your community click here.


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πŸ“»Β Our schedule πŸ“»


06.30 – Pulse Breakfast ShowΒ with Gus

10.00 – Andy Lindsay

13.00 – Christina Littleson

15.00 – Jools London

17.00 – Drivetime with Daniel McWilliams

19.00 – Lynnette Kearney

21.00 – Alphabet Hour

22.00 – The Cheesy Rock Show with Niall Marshall


06.30 – Pulse Breakfast Show with Gus & Amy

10.00 – Ronny Davies

13.00 – Joe Docherty

15.00 –  Andy Hewitt

17.00 – Pulse Jukebox

19.00 – The Folk & Roll Show with Ross Macfadyen

21.00 – Rainman’s Land


06.30 – Pulse Breakfast Show with Gus

10.00 – Andy Lindsay

13.00 – Pulse Jukebox

15.00 – Mental Health On Air

16.00 – Drivetime with Stuart Macaulay

19.00 – Fitbaw Hour

20.00 – Ronnie McGhie

22.00 – Next Up with Tommy Clark


06.30 – Pulse Breakfast Show with Gus & Amy

10.00 – Andy Lindsay

12.00 – Lunchtime Live with Michael Mearns

17.00 – Drivetime with Stuart Macaulay

19.00 – Nugent4Nil with Robert & Davie

20.00 – Ross Crae

22.00 – The Pulse Psychedelic Psupper


10.00 – Andy Lindsay

13.00 – The Late Lunchtime Show with Ronnie McGhie

16.00 – Community Talk

17.00 – Drivetime with Daniel McWilliams

19.00 – Tommy Monaghan’s Dance Anthems

21.00 – Scooter Scene with Jim Reid

23.00 – Metal Madness with Michael Mearns


10.00 – Saturday Mornings with Stephen Heggie

12.00 – David Myrrbakk

14.00 – Norie B

16.00 – Folk & Roll

19.00 – Mike’s World

22.00 – Pulse Jukebox


07.00 – Ronny Davies’ Lucky Bag

09.00 – Sunday Morning with Jools London

12.00 – Pulse Jukebox

14.00 – Booked with Shirley Whiteside

15.00 – Laid Back with Gordon & Scott

16.00 – Scott Donaldson

18.00 – The Peter Greenwood Show

20.00 – Echolalia Radio with Chris Nelms