Norie B

Saturday, 2pm

Join Norie B every Saturday afternoon on Scotland’s number one community radio station.


How would you describe your show?

Anything can happen!

Favourite band / artist?

Earth, Wind & Fire

Favourite song?

Favourite meal?


Favourite colour?


Where is your favourite place you’ve ever visited?

Dubai, Barbados

Where is your dream holiday destination?

Barbados again!

What three celebrities or historical figures would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Emperor Rosko, Tommy Vance, Kenny Everett

What item would you take if you were cast away to a desert island?

Certainly not the wife! A radio.

Sum yourself up in three words

Charming, handsome, liar

What’s been your favourite moment at Pulse 98.4?

Doing my shows.

What’s your funniest on-air story?

Trying to pronounce some of the artists’ names.

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