Lockdown Q&A: Ronnie McGhie

Throughout lockdown, Pulse presenters are unable to get up to our studios to present their shows.

However, many are recording their shows from home and making sure your community radio station keeps going amid the coronavirus crisis.

It’s a more important time than ever for community radio, and we thank all of our volunteer presenters for their efforts!

In this new feature, we ask presenters for their view on lockdown and how they’re keeping going with their shows during these uncertain times.

First up is Ronnie McGhie, who presents shows throughout the week on our lockdown schedule from his home in Kilwinning.

Radio has been a huge part of your life for many years, how pleased have you been to be able to keep it going during the lockdown?

On a personal level, it keeps me occupied and dare I say it, sane. During this lockdown, I think radio is more relevant than ever. Listeners could be self isolating and there is only so much telly, anyone can watch. A simple thing like turning on the radio and having that one to one contact with the presenter can be so good for the listener’s mental health.

How much of a difference has it made recording from home rather than being live in a studio – and how has it changed your show?

You cannot beat the buzz of going live on air in the studio. When I’m recording at home, I try to aim for the “as live” feeling when recording. I do tell the listeners that I’m broadcasting from my home studio. I never say it’s recorded. The show hasn’t really changed, I still include the same features and content that are familiar to the listener.

You’re a big champion of new artists, how vital is it that they can still have outlets like radio in the absence of live shows?

I think it’s absolutely vital to get new music out there. Many bands and artists at the moment have no live outlet for their music so radio play is my way of letting listeners know that these artists are out there. I promote their social media pages in hope that if someone likes what they hear, they may want to buy some music or merch from them.

How important a role do community stations like Pulse have to play during the coronavirus crisis?

I think all Community Radio stations are essential just now. We are not just there to entertain but to also give out vital information. I’ve always said that Community is the new local radio.

So many presenters are keeping their stations alive by producing great content from home and I’m so very proud of every one of them.

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