Lockdown Q&A: Christina Littleson

Throughout lockdown, Pulse presenters are unable to get up to our studios to present their shows.

However, many are recording their shows from home and making sure your community radio station keeps going amid the coronavirus crisis.

It’s a more important time than ever for community radio, and we thank all of our volunteer presenters for their efforts!

In this new feature, we ask presenters for their view on lockdown and how they’re keeping going with their shows during these uncertain times.

In this post, Arts on Air host Christina Littleson tells us all about recording her show during lockdown.

How much of a difference has it made recording from home rather than being live in a studio – and how has it changed your show?

It’s made a difference as I don’t think the show is as upbeat although I try. It’s just not the same as being in the studio and I miss it. It’s also hard with a child and dog.

Zoom interviews aren’t as good quality and don’t feel the same as interviewing guests in the studio.

Your show is usually based on the arts, how important is it for those in that field to still have outlets like radio to share their stories?

It’s incredibly important for the arts to have somewhere like Pulse to share their stories, let people know there’s still arts happening, just in a different way. For people still to hear voices and find out about opportunities.

How important a role do community stations like Pulse have to play during the coronavirus crisis?

Community radio is probably the most important thing during the crisis as with national radio you hear statistics and national news, but with community radio it’s more personal and up to date with what’s happening in that area.

What positives, if any, have you seen emerge over the last few weeks?

Lots of positives. New opportunities and ways of doing things. Realising not to take for granted things we normally do. Appreciating our lives and the people we love.

Precious time to catch up on things, take up new things, learn, read, relax and so much more.

Amazing community spirit has emerged in the past few weeks. Never been closer to my neighbours.

I can also do my show in my Jammies and don’t need to even brush my hair or put on make up 🤣

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