Christina Littleson – Arts on Air

Monday 1pm – 3pm

Join Christina live every Monday on Pulse 98.4 for Arts on Air, covering everything creative including film, theatre, music, art, events and more. Supporting Independent artists and productions.


How would you describe your show?

Weekly arts show with guests from the world of film. TV, theatre, music, events and more. With TV and film reviews and recommendations and what’s on in the world of arts.

Favourite band / artist?

Not sure. It changes. I mainly listen to indie music though, but just good music in general.

Favourite song?

Same as above.

Favourite meal?

Chinese or Mexican.

Favourite colour?

Pink or Turquoise.

Where is your favourite place you’ve ever visited?


Where is your dream holiday destination?

New York

What three celebrities or historical figures would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Martin Luther King, Freddie Mercury and Lewis Capaldi (interesting conversation lol)

What item would you take if you were cast away to a desert island?

If it can’t be a person and there is food there, then I’d take mascara.

Sum yourself up in three words

Honest, Creative, happy

What’s been your favourite moment at Pulse 98.4?

First day or Douglas MacKinnon interview.

What’s your funniest on-air story?

There’s quite a few, but the one I was most worried about was Maureen Carr from Still Game and River City and the Witsherface girls telling a story about having a stamp stuck to her downstairs when the doctor was examining her, and also the doctor telling her daughter how much he loved her River City character during a smear test. Fortunately, it didn’t get as rude as I thought it would but was funny.

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