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Ronny Davies

Ronny Davies, winner of an unprecedented two Creative Loop Student Radio Awards in 2014, is a serious fan of news, sport and music and of course radio.

Having overcome personal injury breaking his back in 1990 while working on a gas drilling rig, Ronny's passions in life are his three kids, friends, music, sports, current affairs and of course the amazing listeners of Pulse 98.4

ronnyRonny is Sports Editor at Pulse 98.4 bringing you Sports Reports with the Pulse 98.4 Sports News Team. Pulse 98.4 is often the only community radio station at sports events.

Thanks to the many clubs and associations from the Scottish Football Association to St. Mirren FC, Aberdeen FC to Kilmarnock FC, Pulse 98.4 is invited to report from Senior and Junior football matches.

It’s not just football on Pulse 98.4 Sports Report, but also ice hockey, rugby, tennis and athletics. Follow the Pulse 98.4 Sports News Team on twitter @Pulse984Sport.

A regular backstage at Party at the Palace in Linlithgow, West Lothian and other music festivals across Scotland, Ronny gets the exclusive scoop from artists and bands, old and new.


Favourite band - U2 for last 35 years, this band has provided me with songs for every moment of my life.
Hero - Dr Martin Luther King Jr. What this man did without resorting to armed violence should be an inspiration to everyone, every day. Honourable mention to Miss Rosa Parks.
Favourite Food - Steak with trimmings.
Favourite Drink - Coffee
Surprising fact - I am horribly superstitious. An example of my superstition is I will not shave on a Sunday.

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