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Totally Tropical House with Colin Thomas

colin thomasA relatively new show started on Pulse on Sunday 24th July 2016, The Totally Tropical House Show with Colin Thomas.

The show has now moved to an earlier slot on a Tuesday night from 7-9pm, as of 18th October 2016.

That may sound like a strange name for a radio show, but it's Colin's show and his favourite genre of music is Tropical House.

Colin has about 3 years experience of co-hosting with Andy Goldberg on his Business Time show here on Pulse 98.4 from 2-4pm on a Friday afternoon and finally decided to host his own show here on Pulse, with a little persuasion from Andy and some training from Ronnie.

Colin ran a mobile disco for 10 years after he left school and so has a wide music knowledge and regularly listens to all genres of music, not really specialising in any, but if asked what his perference was, he'd tell you that it would have to be Tropical House.

So what is Tropical House or trop house?  It is a sub genre of deep house music. Some typical artists are Kygo, Matoma, Lost Frequencies and Klingande.

Wikipedia would tell you.....

 Tropical house is a subgenre of deep house, which is itself a subgenre of house music. Thus, it possesses typical house music characteristics, including synthesizer instrumentation, and a 4/4kick drum pattern. Tropical house differentiates itself from deep house, which can often have a very dark sound, whereas tropical house can be described as having a more uplifting, and relaxing sound. The tempo of tropical house songs is a little slower than deep house. Tropical house does not use the pumping compression effect of "big room" electro house. It usually includes tropical instruments such as steel drumsmarimba or even pan flute, like dancehall.

Ok, so you still aren't really sure what it's all about, but listen in to the show and you'll find out.  We're sure that you'll enjoy it.

Andy Goldberg often is giving Colin stick for listening to music that his daughter would listen to, but Colin likes his music enough to go and see Kygo recently in Glasgow and often listens to dance and house music at home, probably a throw back from his mobile disco days.

Tune in to Colin's show and you might just find yourself hooked on Tropical House.



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