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ACUMEN Mental Health programme special guests from the Outside the Box project

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On this week's ACUMEN Mental Health programme on Wednesday 28 March at 3.00pm on Pulse 98.4 are special guests from Outside the Box organisation.

Alice and Jill are from Glasgow based Outside the Box, which provides independent development support to groups and people across Scotland who want to make a difference in their communities.

Outside the Box work on a broad range of projects which are under the four key themes: offering support, information, training, evaluation and advice.

Listen to this week's programme to find out more from 3.00pm on Wednesday 28 March. The Mental Health programme is also available on the Pulse 98.4 Catch Up service for up to 28 days after broadcast.  Click on Catch Up on the front page of the website or click here.

For further information on Outside the Box, visit their website here.

ACUMEN Mental Health programme on Wednesday 28 March at 3.00pm. Also available on Catch Up anytime for 28 days after original broadcast on Pulse 98.4