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Iain was Born In 1993 and soon discovered a passion for Music and People watching. With a Eclectic taste in Music there is nothing Iain wants more than being surprise by the various genres of songs requested by Pulse 98.4. With a Dry outlook on life Iain’s thought provoking view along with his extensive musical tastes combine to make Iain well worth a listen.  His favourite Band Canadian Rocker Rush.  Inspired by Hunter S Thompson and George Carlin with a preference for Authors Jack Vance and Michael Moorcock.  Iain freely admits he has the ideal face for Radio and that’s why he feels so passionately about Radio.  A Man of simple tastes Iain’s favourite food is a Tuna Sandwich. 

Sitting in one of Glasgow’s many pavement Café’s sipping a Cuba Libre watching the world go is a perfect way to spend a day for Iain.

His Favourite film is the Brandon Lee Classic The Crow......



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