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stuart james

The Afternoon Show With Stuart James

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I started Radio Presenting in the early 90s back in the time when Vinyl was king.
Editing techniques weren't so easy we did it the old fashioned way in the form of reel to reel tapes.

My embarrassing claim to fame was doing live Road shows with Right Said Fred if only you could of seeing me Doing my little turn on the Catwalk.

Yeah, on the catwalk don't worry I have checked no footage exists I wouldn't be so cruel.

I have finally found my spiritual Home at Pulse 98.4 Community Radio.

You can catch me on air Monday and Wednesdays from 1 PM presenting the afternoon show with Regular visits from Dogs Trust Glasgow and
Cats Protection Giffnock and District Branch.

Plus every Friday Morning from 7 AM Hosting the Breakfast Show yip you guessed I'm an early Riser.